Review: Lavazza 041953000648 BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Coffee Machine LB 300, 5.3"...

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These are real reviews about Lavazza 041953000648 BLUE Classy Mini Single Serve Espresso Coffee Machine LB 300, 5.3" x 13" x 10.2" from customers who has bought this product that share their experiences so you can make the best buying decision.

The good: Really easy to use and clean. Two options are a shot or a cup. The water really heats up well, even when I added filtered cold water. It only takes a few minutes to warm up and be ready to work.
Pods fit nicely and an assortment of pods are available (not included).Where this needs to be improved: A large cup will not fit without removing the base.
The coffee continues to drip way too long. The water reciprocal is flimsy and doesnt fit as well as it should.Overall, nice option for a quick shot of coffee that is a true espresso.
Out of the box the lungo is 150ml (5 oz fl) and thats all what matters to me as I do not plan drink espressos. The coffee is delicious and is easy to prepare, it took 59 seconds since I pushed the button until the 5oz lungo was ready, please see video.
This is my first espresso machine so I do not have a reference point but is a little bit noisy but not a deal breaker. As is a very compact machine I plan to use it in my office.
Highly recommended! The capsules that I have used are these:
So Ive owned plenty of coffee maker at home. Im a drip coffee kind of person. I drink mostly Vietnamese drip coffee sometimes espresso shots at outside shops.
This machine make a decent shot of espresso at home when im lazy to go outside to get some. The espresso is very rich in flavor and does pack a little kick.
I make about four pods and then put it over ice with a hint of sugar. None of the stores around carry the pods so i had to order online. They come in 100 packs for a decent price.
The machine is very compact compared to my other ones which is nice.
This is a great product, very easy to use, clean and makes a phenomenal espresso. My 21 month daughter (with my assistance) makes me an Espresso every afternoon.
Thats how easy it is to use. Recommend to anyone interested in having access to great espresso in a sleek design and small foot print this is the machine for you.
I really like this little coffee machine. Weve been fans of Lavazza after staying in so many European hotels that have them in the rooms, and they really make a good cup of coffee.
This little machine is perfect for us because we grind and brew our daily pot of coffee in the morning but enjoy a good cup of decaf after dinner (and good decaf can be hard to find).
This machine holds enough water for 2+ cups of coffee the way I make it (I will explain below), is pretty and narrow, and takes up very little room in the kitchen.
Its perfect for our 2 quick cups in the evening.The machine is easy to use. You run some water through it initially to clean it out.
Then, pop your capsule in the top, close it, push the button, and it takes less than 30 seconds to heat up if its cold (the second cup is instantly dispensed), and voila!
A rich, creamy cup of coffee with a nice bit of crema on top (my favorite part).When we stay in Europe, I always choose the Lungo setting and then add a bunch of hot water (because its too strong for me; Im not an espresso drinker).
This machine is awesome because you can program the "dose" by pressing and holding the button until you reach the amount you want in the cup (for us, its about twice what the setting dispenses on default).
Once you do that, it remembers the setting, so you can just hit the button and get your programmed dose (even if machine is turned off); no hot water needs to be added (thats why I get 2 cups out of the water; if youre using a stronger setting it will last longer).
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