The Black Coffee Company

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The Black Coffee Company not only sells fresh organic coffee beans, tea, and branded merchandise, it has become the blueprint for empowering the community. We are excited to announce we are opening our first coffee shop in Atlanta, Georgia in the Winter 2021.

The Black Coffee Company is more than a lifestyle brand, we are a Movement. Inspired by Berry Gordy and his family pooling their resources together to launch Motown Records, five life-long friends with a passion for collective economics have replicated that model. Since our inception (2016), we have pooled our resources and launched The Black Coffee Company.

Coffee, the number two commodity in the world, is the vehicle by which The Black Coffee Company is connecting and empowering the community, promoting entrepreneurship, and sharing resources, ideas, and strategies to build wealth (financial freedom). The Black Coffee Company intentionally reinvests a portion of all proceeds back into our communities.
Черный кофе
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